What to do with an Old, Inoperable Vehicle

If you are in possession of an old battered vehicle you may be thinking of donating or junking it. In donating a vehicle you receive a tax deduction which can be claimed when you are paying your tax. Whereas on junking a vehicle you receive cash instantly. Due to instant cash people prefer junking the car.

Scrap Car Removal service

What determines price of the car?

The price is determined by weight. Heavier vehicle such as jeep receive a higher price bid whereas light vehicle such as sedans do not gain much. The more metal in the body the more prices it gets. The prices in metal often seem to fluctuate.
The price is governed by other factors as well. The more time it has spent on road the less price it receives. Dents and rusting of metal also affects the price. Taking off the parts like the rims etc could cause a further decrease in the price.
Keeping in mind fluctuating metal prices, the price of a junk car generally ranges from 200 to 500 dollars.

What paperwork is required to junk a vehicle?

The original title should be there while you are junking the vehicle. In case it is not there then other things might be accepted such as a “no title, no problem” program. In it a photo id is required along with registration. No price quote is given without paperwork.
What questions to expect when contacting a scrap car removal company:

    1. The year of manufacture of the car
    2. The mileage of the car
    3. The basic problems in the car
    4. Condition of the body parts (if any damages on the body).
    5. Registrations or driving license

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